How to create a Setup with a Database (C# windows forms) - Discounted- - YouTube

This is a small tutorial of how you can create and publish a setup of C# windows forms application with a database on a client PC.


Lol dude has my Blake Griffin hyper dunks


Anyone else realize that it says 666 in Walt Disney? Look it up. It’s freakySaTaN bE gEtTiNg In EvErYtHiNg....but that really did make me upset when I found out the real stories of all my favorite princess movies ;-;BTW IM STATING A FACT DONT COME AT ME

Birbo the Turbo


Tommy Crow

The last one is fake

Sadie Hannah

Very nostalgic

Faye Howman

Omg hii I'm EARLYY love you all xxx

Luna Lovegood

ask to live with your grand parents


thumbs up for low budget helmet cam


1:00 i think this than this passage is a reference to a hard level on the tmnt on the nes.

Galaxy Stars

She lied but that's not the reason why she went missing.

Day Nation

some people make us cheerleaders look so bad and rude🤦🏽‍♀️

Dhruv mehta

Someone watching in 2019

Monu Grewal

Do not cut the tree


Jake Mixon

4:07 ty said the f word

Gacha Yandere

Should have flipping blocked him

German-Gameplays -Y Mas-

5 comentario.. Saludos mama

Brit Edit

I liked this film, but I feel like there should've been some kinda bigger impact than Cap not calling himself Cap anymore

I might seem happy all the time, but I am rarely.

Kim Jae Cientos

How many times you made it?

Otto Prem

25 bounces

Koby Ball

9:11 oh my god


John Wick vs Neo from the matrix


Watched 12 seconds of this video, then YouTube crashed...



Ares Maldonado

Shout to when Garret had hair

Carson Lambert

it confuses me how 17k people didnt find this enjoyable

King AbztheBabz

I thought this was gonna be rape

Richard Lugardo

You know in Cod Ghosts on Extension the first map you get randomly I don't know if the dude my brother and I were playing with was a modder which we were sure because he had a Pack-A-Punched weapon with is Impossible because in Cod Ghosts there is no Pack-A-Punch machine but the aliens died and left a ray like the Ray gun and the alien statue from NukeTown Nevada USA Black Ops 2 multiplayer which was cool until I knew that the Alien one was an Easter egg but the Pack-A-Punched gun was cool and definitely a mod. 👾

Diogo Freitsd

What is love?

Swish Squish

That’s messed up


90% of comments: "Life was finally getting better for us" US: NO

Mauricio Chamorro

Panda is the best

Jakeem da dream

Issiac new town

nadav egulsky

Amazing video, as always <3

Christine Gamache

OMG i love harry potter im so surprised that this is J.K Rowling!

Kathleine C

Nice flip ty




I think Germany will win



Manuel White


Ari Perez

My only man in my life is my dog and if I were you I would tell my parents to help me and if they don’t bc they’re embarrassed then I’ll go to the police and sue him for what he did to me.

Lety Flores

My favoriteone was the last one

Djsop The boss

Harden made that like it was nothin


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