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In this video we will just start to scratch the surface with Electronwhich is a library to create desktop applications using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript.We will use code from the quick start and create a very simple system info desktop appQuick Start Repo:We spend massive amounts of time creating these free videos, please donate to show your support:TRAVERSY MEDIA:

Noemi Benitez

I forgive you


The best Easter egg youtuber ever :D

Emil Eriksson

Then you my friend. Don't know what a Easter Egg is :)

Noah Nile

I am the tree magnet




are you gonna do a video for dead island riptide

Connor Burger

The little kids were so cute


It's honestly disgusting how this video validates homophobic views, that cause so many issues among the LGBTQ+ community, like you know, depression, suicide, being homeless. No, this video doesn't start a healthy discussion, this video is infuriating. I'm bisexual and I spent years in a homophobic environment, and all those homophobic kids thought it's perfectly okay to have a different opinion, shame that their opinion is whether I am an abomination or not. Views like that are damaging to a child's psyche, and this video is validating them. You should be ashamed for giving this deranged person a platform to speak their bullshit.

3 Star Pro

Steven Smith again wrong on his finals Pick

That 1 chick

You can Never forget that Big Slap in the face, so its best to walk away!

Joe Arguin

What was samurai jack even making?

Emily Durrant

I love this so much! Is it me or is jimmy kümmel a really good actor but not as good as Tom sorry... 😂😍

şizof bey

Bunu kim çevirdiyse ingilizceyi öğrwnsin önce am hele bie ywrde ingilizcem yetmwdi diyor amk malı


I really miss Call Of Duty:Black Ops i really loved it

Mop Head12

I like the vids with just the three of them

Me:well I see a light bulb and a roof😑

Tanya Strydom


Edward Is Cool

Me:*Drinking starbucks while watching this*..

Ashley Gacha

744 views WHAT there should be more than that !

Lourdes Trevino

this was an eggselent video

Kelley Lehman

He’s so stinkin cute I love marbles 😭

Zackery Wesley

My only complaint about this battle during Mcdonalds’s first verse has “I’m Mac, you’re Android” in it which A. doesn’t make any sense as Mac is the shorthand for Macintosh, Apple’s brand of computers, Android is a phone OS... I mean, It makes sense if you’re using it just to compare two pieces of software. And B. Numbers wise, Androids are selling way more than IPhones so unless McDonald dissed himself, that one line doesn’t make a lick of sense as to showing why McDonalds is better than BK

Kirk Crainshaw

Cody no air no sound. And no air space

Yi Zao

My ears died when I started the video it’s so load HELP ME IM DIEING MY EARS


That's so meeeee...Im crying 🖐🙆

Bananashooter _47

im team Dude Perfect

Arisha Rashid

It brought tears😭


Cody+Luke=coke or Luke+Cody =ludy


I mean, you have so much money you could probably buy TWO small popcorns at the cinema.


I remember Big. That woman is a pedo for having sex with a 12 y.o

A llen

Pizza time


lol its funny hes in a little stripper place and hes level 69!

Cody Leighton

Team fire

Is Gamez

This made me cry!!! 😣😭

Famous Zex

i am sorry you had to go trought this in Serbia.

Joseph Stalin

You have an awesome taste in rap music.

Chicken Thing

I’m early

Ajaib Dhindsa

Please make in cricket

mina dallas

I only live with my aunt and she had to go through all of that and she I think that she only pretty much adopted me because she wanted a baby and she said that I am her only child that I had that she has but I’m moving to California and she’s moving and she is really sad but I don’t care because I’m gone finally going to live with my mom

Breakfast Burritos

Did anyone else read “the therapist” as “the rapist” lmaooo

Patrick Star

I literally thought I was going crazy watching this

Thomas 006

00:03 ahhhhh my ears 00:05-00:17 lowder and 00:18-00:21 why is my comment highlighted

Gary Smoogy

let’s kill all vegans

Buzzy Lights

Ethan Bradberry to Theodore:


This guy is awesome

Ironwolf Maximus

In all of your videos I give you a☆



I would keep being friends with them.

KINGmktk Channel

Frozen 2EndgameIT chapter 2Shreck VToy Story (...)Lol I see the happy faces from the Cinema owners. $$$


I am also from Puerto Rico :D

Phantom Doge

The weird thing is that DP call this 'All Sports Golf Battle' and the only sport they don't use is 'Golf'.


Toast_Bread 24


One cannot change his biological gender just by cutting off a few limbs and adding some new artificial add-ons. The gender doubts are caused by childhood/life experiences. Interests differ, but that is no reason to betray your own biological body and force it to be something it is not. You have a responsibility to live by! You and your body are not quit the one single creature, human organism is more complex then that, built by millions of independent cells, trying to keep you alive and healthy. Stop convincing yourself to believe this illusion of "being trapped in another body". It's just a mental disorder which can be fixed. Not to mention that:

Turner Trujillo

when they tink there cool


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