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Uplifting Trance

the roblox artist on sketch

that thumbnail though



krishna nallani



Flat earth

Oja Diana



"17 year old mother who was only 17 at the time" 😂😂

Lorenz Heppelmann

this was boring

Now hang on just one second

ainsley Dana

How do you forget your bag

tromp. wutu.

how do YOUR secret eastereggs in this video look like??

Yim Yim_25

How do these people physics


31 points not good enough?

Nguyen Hoang Quan

hey you could make a video now.i've been waiting for 14 days

Bailey White

So kind

Truman productions

One of the coolest game trailers i've seen


Very nice video ! Unfortunately these easter eggs weren't really interesting. I was expecting interactive secrets and not just references. I still appreciate the effort you did on it, I noticed some of your easter eggs inside the video thanks to the comments and that makes me love you. I'm sorry if this comment made you a bit sad.

Martyn Jones

If I can't do it at home I'll do it at the park

tiffany sh

I was born with yellow skin too 😂 I mean I’m mostly healthy now😂🤷🏻‍♀️ I was born three weeks early and was about ten inches 😂😂 tiny tiny

Lexie Guillory

Downhill Snow Bowling 🎳

One like one boom bow vaulted

Lady Tee

How could you dislike this. Folks are just miserable. This was a well put together video.... the pain is still present. I cried. 💙🏁💙🏁💙🏁💟🏁💟🏁💟🏁 Smh..... #RIHKingNip

The kid who pets every singe pet

Otilio Reyes

Me iso llorar 😭😭😭 dale like para que lla no llore pero calladita

SugarTeax `v ́


Luke Mcintosh

That is so cool guys


milk ng AshTan

6/9 great :>

Admiral Nelson

@thebang601 haha troll

Yonka Mayonka

You forgot the Aurora Borealis easter egg!


00:00 i love dies game *-*

Mary lou villa

OMG 😵😶😮😲😦😧😯the is a B

First Last

Me: dying from disease

tok williams

At 0.07 you could hear someone say ITS BIG TIME.

Gamer07 Singh


Yash Kumar


Short Stacks

Do we get to make a Custom character?

Kristin Lizz

Thumbs up if you're eating popcorn, too!!


that bio shock one got me good

jemma weiskrantz

Ok so I think I need help. I have chronic. Pain so bad I can't move. I feel like a m falling down a black hole and there's no escape. I self harm and have no appetite. I fake a smile and no one notices. I have no friends, I'm not respected, I'm just that girl. Can someone help? I don't want to fail my grades.

kavita shettar

2018 anyone


Who you guys got going all the way this year


Lol at everyone they interviewed speaking English like it's their second language.

Benson Li

What about the Dead Space movie? That one was pretty good. Like really good.

•indigo Draws•


ZNB Anims

And I had a girlfriend at 4.


I recently discovered I suffer from BPD . It was a total shock. I hope I can recover soon too, it's affecting my life in a very very negative way :(


why Polish? xF


The reason the teddy bears move their heads is because they are Samantha's way of seeing what goes on in the world of zombies while she is dead

Your an illegal immigrant and had 20 years to become legal, your only right is to get the fuck out of our country

Elijah Wouters

Go coby

Cameron Holt

I’m definitely mr. Mood swing

NintendoNerd - Toby

Also one of the voices through the video reminds me of the Medic from Team Fortress 2 because the same German voice.

mohd mahiuzzaman

Cody and Luke make COKE

Black eldd

I don't know his name

gabriel olay

Elsa legend



Ella es callaita

tori vivi

Whether these stories are fake or not. This does happen to some people and I've witnessed it twice with two different people. And it's good this channel is showing that cause some ppl don't know


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