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Helou! ¿Quieres empezar a programar, pero no sabes de que va mucho esto, y como dar tus primeros pasos? Este video es una introducción y motivación pequeña para entrar al mundo de la programación usando el lenguaje `Javascript`.Espero el video sea de tu agrado! :^)Suscribete y comparte el video con tus amigos y mascotas!Recursos:Node y JavascriptDocumentación Mozilla de Javascriptonline de Javascript muy buenoEloquent Javascript - Solo está en ingles :cNode.js Up & Running - Solo esta en ingles:cmuy bueno de HTML & CSSTutoriales online- Guía definitiva para HTML5fuente de los ejemplos: de tiempoIntroduccion: 0:35 - 3:02Definición de lenguaje: 3:02 - 3:32¿Qué lenguaje debo elegir?: 4:36 - 4:53Ejemplo 1 (variables): 4:55 - 6:13Ejemplo 2 (condiciones): 6:13 - 13:20Instalación de Node.js: 13:27 - 14:23Ejemplo 3 (ciclos): 14:24 -17:08Conclusión: 17:08-18:12Impresionante! Has llegado al final! Ven, toma una galleta sabor limón...🍋


Hahaha video games can be so weird in a funny way xD


Very much helpful thank you for the information very well put together and understanding as well.

Michael Bryan

Did anyone else see Black Panther at 2:53-2:54??

Ryan B636



macmoomini 69

Anybody love how Cody was the lazy coach but also the full timer?

Maverick Ofisa

0:11 sounds like majin boo

Keldawott !


jade otzinger

I like both genders

Time to start a lovers war grabs gun

LizLikezTo Play

Me and my friends slap each others ass for fun...

Bharath Krishnan


Talon Hayes

The acoustic guitar bit is painfully accurate thanks for a good laugh


does 2:20 work on ps3?

mark denber orane


Trending Gamer

Hey God i wish from heart God Will Help You guys in this war, this story make me Cry... Wordless Story

No U

Relata—— Not relatable...


Wow they all made it on first try nice lol

Ok,I'll leave...

Arsila Sumbal

Please do more battles!!!!

Vvbb Vvbb

The man's a genius

Strange Sugar



you don’t notice what you got till they’re gone 😕

Daniel Comer

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Tufan Yılmaz

We the best


As a Raps fan, felt shitty when seeing other fans cheering when KD got hurt. Hope he makes a speedy recovery. Im surprised they put him in, knowing he was questionable. Hope for a speedy recovery, he was great to watch him play ball, and knowing this injury will negatively affect his game moving forward, is just downright heart breaking.

Wolfy Rock

Here have a Snickers


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