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In the first episode of Coding 101, we learn how to convert binary into decimal, then break it down into machine code.Binary:Binary is a base 2 system. With the total sum based on each binary value being either "on" or "off" (Which is why it's called "BINARY")2-bit Binary Value* Each BIT can have 2 values - on or off - 1 or 0* Each Bit is worth the value of powers of 2, counting up from 0.* We count the values from right to left.* With two bits, that means the "first" bit can be worth either "1" (2(0)) or "0" while the second bit can be worth "2" (2(1)) or "0"* If we have a value of 00 = 0 :: 11 = 3 :: 10 = 2 :: 01 -1* If we have a n 8-bit value the maximum value will be (1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128) 255Let's Break Down the process!* If I had a value like 10101010... what logic would I use to get to the DECIMAL value? (170)* I would create a "Total" Variable* I would look at each position, from left to right, giving each position a value of 0-7* If the value was "0" then I would skip to the next value.* If the value was "1", then I would raise 2 to the power of that position, then add that value to the "Total" Variable.* Once I have no more values to calculate, I would report my total.Get in Touch With Us!* Subscribe and get Coding 101 automatically at TWiT.tv!* Follow PadreSJ and Snubs on Twitter.* Watch the show live and join the chatroom every Thursday at 1:30pm PST.* Email us at Padre@twit.tv and Shannon@twit.tv.Download or subscribe to this show at twit.tv/code.


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