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Buenas mis queridos amigos,el dia de hoy veremos como crear un web service con javaen el cual se explicara cual es su importanciamas grande y como nos puede ayudar en la creación de aplicaciones web robustas.Espero que te haya gustado el vídeo, no olvides atribuir a tu conocimiento, donando , para traer vídeos con mas frecuencia.Link: paypal.me/martscompany

Veronica Eklund

We need Moanna!!!


Make a jetpack with we can fly

Rizwan khan

I love the rage monster 😈👹 AAAAAAAaaAaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaAAaAaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaAaAAA

Random Cap

Happy Easter-Fools day!


ı ü ğ ş ç

Manav Udgirkar

since when does James Corden work at FBE?

Ishh Quinones

“A much worse incident” lmao like his death wasn’t enough...

Jacqueline Phan

I think Jim would help her fight anxiety.

im a giraffe

Sugar you snide bitch

Sub Way

100,000 like

Amanda Vazquez

If you are older than 1 leave a like please


Im currently in a relationship and my anxiety brings me down. I'm scared that he'll lose interest in me like my exes.

Bella Chagolla

I can’t believe how that they are already basically at 10 mill. Congrats on your channel growing.

Voldemort vs. Pinocchio

Jileon Smith

How do 7k people dislike this tho???

Fuck You

I've beaten this game the week it came out and never found any of these. thanks man.

Jahir Banuelos

Love these Easter eggs 😎

LAZY wolfie

Yup and the worst part is my bully is a youtuber that i addore and she my idol but i gues she not anymore


Cory in the House is my favourite anime


during the rattman Easter egg was that charlie and the chocolate factories time playing ?

Da.official. Chris


Jennifer Lynch

that was amasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just realized u changed your pic


The Muto sounds in the Godzilla movie give me CRAAZY ASMR!

Heavyboxes DIY Master

LOL...this took several hours to make the shot.The shadow on his person is to the right before the shot...and directly below him during the shot.

Lila Ashton

And how does this magic bisch know what happened?

Akashdeep S

Jeff bezos

Leon Smith

The Mario Bros Easter Egg theme is a retro remix of the Dying Light theme if you listen closely

Judeann Kelley

Hhhhaaa 🐼

Ice Gaming27

Who thinks that these guys should go to X factor?

Ali Abdulghani

what is the song plz

Miss_ _Minty

I have seen the EXACT same story on a different channel, and almost identical illustrations at 2:15 ...hmmmm

Landon Hatch

Cory Coby you two need to do something like get a haircut one of you so we can tell the difference between you two. so if you would, thx. love you guys your the best


0:22, what is the referrence

Anthony Mercurio



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