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Hi ! Everybody Today show you about creating project Inventory Speak Khmer in C# with SQL Sever 2014.You can enjoy this video what that not knowledge about something you can't see.if you think that it's good video Please help share, Like, Comment & Subscribe my channel after click bell.I will find more new video for you. I hope that you don't forget click subscribed me.ThanksIT MitLaor***********************PlayList*******************Part 1: 2:3: 4:5:6:7:8:9:10:11:12:13:14:15:16:17:18:19:20:21:22:23:24:25:26:27:28:29:30:31:32:33:34:35:36:37:38:39:40:41:42:43:44:45:46:47:48:49:50:51:52:53:

Oussama Chemrouk

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RockStar Caes

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Juliet Moreno

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Terrick Eng

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Ibnu squarpan's

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Philip Lim

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Ronan Purdy

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Friggin Paco

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