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La piedra Crack



what would the 7th game be?

Guilherme Deoliveira

Anyone else notice the ruffles sign almost on every cut scene😂

Cheng Min You

Finally a person taller than cody

Semite Supreme

Damn! Nazi's sure know how to dance

Emily Rose

I was falling asleep when all the sudden I hear Dwight saying “there’s an egg” and I nearly snorted-


Joshua Logue

September 2020 anyone?

We added loading screen because gamers wanted the nostalgia of gaming, since gaming will always be gaming As I entered 5th grade I have been crushing on this boy two years now but on the day it happened is where it changed...


dude, that'd be perfect



•Itz Too Mintii•

Your voice is so beautiful and calming


The Witcher 2 one was pretty good.

Carl Zraz

What's thee song?


So any game that has orange next to blue is a portal reference? Just like anything with black and yellow is a reference to the song black and yellow?

Miranda Rojas

It’s going to be a boy!! 😭💙💙💙

Ananda Stoon

Finally an official trailer!1:40 So Marshmallow is the real villain or what?Honestly I expected Hans in the trailer, like he still acts as a more serious villain or he gets a chance to join Elsa, maybe?Please, add more 'falling' or another dramatic death scene a la old school Disney movies. :D

Jake brandon

I’m the “I have no idea what I am doing guy” 110%. I walk over to work out and I look like an idiot. It would look like I was trying to play pool without a stick.

Jake Troiano

Undoubtedly the rage monster is just about everyone’s favorite


...Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit if someone around me dies?

Emma Jean

I wanna give her a hug 😣

Mallory Espey

Boooooooo Cory

Issy The gymnast

This is 11 trending

Aadam Ameer

Purple hozzer is amazing

Maria Starchenko

I do tennis 🎾

Fábio Silva

the last easter egg its so funny ,I remember that when I played it was just trying to do the easter eggs


Hey I noticed something interesting in Star Wars - Rogue One, there might be a spoiler alert here so

vedant mishra

Please tell me that’s not real

αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

7:57 0//w//0

John michael

you missed a really good one from the old republic

wolverine logan

what is ur favorite game guru?

I dont think so

Axel Estrada


112 334





0:11 What's she got to lose anyways? Me: weight


ILOVE YOU DudePerfect

Joseph Alexander


No one Some one

Poor coby

Lewis Robinson

Do you reckon every time she missed the shot she had a go at the ball foe being sexist

Prince Teofilo

All those trick shots are almost IMPOSSIBLE to do!!!!!!!!!!

Armontae Harris

Fuck yea ScHoolboy Q

Kamryn's Strange Land

368th 😂

macaw lover

bless you child

Guard Girl

There's a lot of things I can't tell anyone and no matter how many times I want to I know my parents will be disappointed and mad at me

Acacius Ares

Keanu Reeves as jonny silverhand was the thing that made me NEED this game. My life depends on it.


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