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Mostramos cómo enviar un mensaje de texto a cualquier usuario de WhatsApp usando Visual Studio 2010 con un ejemplo.

me:look out my window into the uk sees feilds and farm

Ryan Ford

I’m the misses all game, but makes a 3 for the gameMinus the makes a 3 for the game

Jaime Pineda


austin freese

check out our trick shots

Tip: black to orange

Chris Gonzales

I am legitimately curious about this, but why does the sniper rifle in Halo Reach look so much different then it does in the other games?

Jade Wenham

Coby actually winning a second battle


Blatant copy of mr beast

dyan Aguilar

I'm really proud😍😍😍😍😍 I can't stop crying how great and good you are jk, they raised you so well.we love you my little bro😍😍

No way! I am gonna away from hear! 😨

Arpita Mahapatra

Excited to watch this . Love from India

Zachary Davis

Tys dad looks like him

LPS Blossom

I love this story! I have a disability known as ADHD very similar to autism. I hope that I can grow up and be as successful as her.


XDhe's aimbotting.No recoil lol


No dude perfect

Who will support this smash the like button 👍👍👍👍

spiral spirals

I wouldn't move back in to your old house like what if its now haunted because of the deaths that occoured

James Bond

I am a fan of florian but the 28 yards, I think isnt a one shot, but yknow, a twnfold of bloopers

Lady Ienicle

Aww bless that sweet friend of hers! 💙

The house mouse

132nd comment

Butface Central

You guys look so young

Alex 2

I am pretty sure, Flash's City is Central City, not Keystone...

deez SUPER NuTs

This was a terrible video. There was one trick shot...

Robert Robert

I am form Poland, you have better movies wow

Carmela Ortiz

Soccer is the Best

Dylan Fallaw


ashleytube tueb

Is always tyler you are stupid tyler

Jennifer Vaughn

Do a video with Patrick Mahomes it would be super lit 🔥



Samantha Ackroyd

Do a big 🧗🏻‍♂️video


this is so confusing.

but i'm not sick?

Vash Heung

im sorry I love you guys but that song sucks

Angelo Villarin

The effects of melting ice is now on it's way!

kirkdiepie 20

WHY tyler is the rage monster


what’s with new york and aircraft


They're brilliant for adding those easter eggs

It’s me Ya boi

why does draw seem to look even kinda right in that sentence

Claire Davis

I have anxiety, and this is a perfect description. Good job :)

Daniel Kelly

it's a good party game...if your in a party of 1 hahaha

Poetry at it's worst

I’m the singer lol

Scott Parkinson

1like = 1 punch in the face for da pe teacher


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