Esther Shin Chuang plays Rachmaninoff Prelude C# Minor, Op. 3 No. 2 - YouTube

Esther Shin Chuang playing Rachmaninoff Prelude, Op. 3 No. 2www.TonyandEstherChuang.com

Sheldon Blevins

i still believe in u coby!

Max Well


Indra Devi

Great one dudes

Boneyboy 5


The27FireLords YT

At 1:40 exsposed himself so hard

Juniper Lee

The only criteria for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing. You did the right thing

Matt Peirano

On ep. 7, the segment where you kill kang in the chop shop, at the very beginning there is a giant space boy statue from dead space 2. It's the statue that's like 2 stories tall and holding a candy bar. It's literally right in front of you when you start so you can't miss him. He's also on one of the desks in the preferred outcomes office building. Except he's all yellow this time. The desk is on the floor with Dawes' office. There are also 3 different colored domo roboto robots on it. The statue is part of an achievement/trophy in dead space 2 where you shoot off his arms I think.

ahsan rehman

"A woman..." was the best part 😂😂😂

Skys Darkest Craft

That explains my friend Kira.

Anne Chian

Well people dont understand that some people are scared of germs. For them it's a reflex that they have no control over. I'm to blaming Ella at all.

Nejero Kaasel

What's creepy about the GTA 5 one is if you type in the website addy in facebook... for some reason facebook knows that website is from GTA 5... I just did it to my nephew and was like... Whoa.

ibrahim mamo


Bias wrecker Jeon jungkook

Anyone please: if you are in an abusive relationship please leave it

Tyler Senner

Who say Cody in 0:44?

Edy Vlad

What's the song in the beginnibg called?

nic dezires

You have to pay that floor

epicbrother 777



That grammar nazi one is my new favourite easter egg. Keep up the vids man!

Scary dude: hey gurl close your eyes for a trick

Yesh Dahiya

Pause 4:40

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