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Flea Bass DVD Lessonvery helpful, even for people which are playing bass for a long time!



Dylan Airing


Morgan James

Rage monster

Testoh Zuppa

I was a really anxious person, the anxiety was like a monster eating me from the inside. My marks at school started to be worse, I was like paralyzed if I had to talk with anyone. It was terrible. Now, I don’t know why, the anxiety ended, my Ann died, I got anyway a residue but is like a little fly in my head which I can stop, kill with a flyswatter, and I feel way better. Before I hated go out, talk, socialize. I was sad. Now I pretendo to hang out with friends, socialize, talk and joke also with strangers. I’m happy. Enjoy life! :)

Josh Rea

I've never heard "let's go" this many times in my entire life

Pamela Cahill

She should've called the police on his parents for possible child abuse

just another nobody

What is NFL?

Ματεος Δαμε


Oh its a Titan gel



MoRu Wu

You do not want to mess with the rage monster.

EC1, EC2 and EC3

Smh the frozen "let it go" trendjust died now they gonna bring it back 😪

yeni toy

thank god shes not some retarded vegan fag like most of the hollywood weirdos

Danny Logan

Awesome video

Jan N

zufall direkt während der e3

Ahriyana Webster.

I can’t..... omfg ...

Braden Hummel

What happened to pussy

Madison Gilley

24 bounces

Cleavland Camper


Black The Nerevarine

What kind of garbage society do you live in where doctors and hospitals act like this!? There are ways to help and treat it, telling you that. "oh don't come back" is the most childish and immature thing a hospital can do.

Brady's awesome video's Rita

Arizona Cardinals

Kileigh Hanner

Annie is the goat🐐

Delete Brig

Omfg mr toots


:Feral Oh pleas look at you, why don't you just go fight your fights and I fight mine? You are so small that I can't even see you barely "touches Links head" Her:we hadn’t even meet


even if there is a a113 in monsters it would be almost impossible to find

Rand Busfield

I know that hurt


so cool

Campbell Holton

Hi my name is John Doe I get the reference

Ryan Cass

he didnt call bank


ᑎOᗯ !

Eric Ronquillo

Green Bay Packers


Damn. could partially relate

Dr. Katana

do dude perfect versus how rediculous

Zeynab Omar



patrick mahomes chiefs qb

Teresa Rodriguez

1:52 Like this if you saw alaia throw up

Ollie Cox

Ty let someone else win ffs

Tom Baumgartner

yo help me reach 25 subs please:)

Mia Weathersby

You beat the game on number one

Josh K

You know, that kid was right about the house being a "girl house"


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