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BalisticSpider Call of Madeness

I will subevery month for u DudePerfect

Shella Don


JMan 45 73

The basket arrow swisher🏀



amanda acevedo

I have depression because of family issues and the lost of a loved one (xxxtentacion) I loved him and I was such a fan and it still to this day hurts me so much and I’m trying to get over this pain but it’s too hard😭😥


Awww! I’m so sorry for y’all’s loss! It is so hard to lose a furbaby!! She’s waiting for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge! 😔💎🌈

r lynn

So at 6:42 we learn that he has a girlfriend. Me: "can't be that messed up if you have a romantic relationship. God! I'm sick of reading things by people with mental illness who you then learn have significant others and people that 'love and care about them.' What about the people who have nobody? This is so fucking rude. If you have somebody, you can't be that bad off." 7:49: "it's probably not the same for you. And that's okay. [LONG PAUSE]" Me: "what the hell? are you rubbing it in my face? This long pause seems designed to imply that you know most of the people watching are poor fuckers with no one in their life, and you're just like throwing us a bone? Or patronizing? Don't worry, you'll have a gf and a cat one day too, you sadsack. It's okay." Seriously what the hell? Did anybody else get that connotation, or is it just me?


My mom has depression and anxiety and takes medication for it but im still afraid because my older sister has depression and has had it growing up around me and she has tried to kill herself and shes self harmed but im still scared i dont want to make my mom more stressed or feel like im gonna do some of the things my sister has done even though i have had suicidal thoughts


i used to be an introvert bc of a bit of rejection when i was younger,,, but now i seem so different cuz now i kinda seek attention and seem to be more outgoing lately...

josh newberry

I listened to they see me rolling while the pigs were driving

Jolo Sarmiento

Mad props to the Shadow Warrior devs for the nod to Stranger Things 👽

Etta Stone

It’s called minute but it’s like 11 minutes......?


Dude you are epic I like your videos and and you should do face reveal

Mr Benny


When modeling he won't slacc



personally, i think Sr 4 should have stayed as DLC for Sr 3




Dudes are really perfect

Daniel Tambo

Did anyone realize at 11:35 it said 5 miles

roro aboujix

2:49 he is really angry

Elijah Horsburgh


Makgorometje Makgata

My older brother has muscular dystrophy

Sophie Randall

the office lmaooo


He died on September 6 1978, looks like there is a clone..

Alexander Couvillion


I missed you!


i love this one because i like left 4 dead 8:06

IAmYourRuler_XD Is Kinda Cool

C'mon now everyone knows that WWIII is maybe a month or two away

Shfstswe. Waydemorgan123🗻

Fancy Lamp

lol the video is 420 too

Adam Mellross

You guys have got me hooked again back to Bulk watching

R.i.p neighborhood nip 🙏

Bluewolf 23

That doughnut one was frickin' weird...

LoL Gamer



My man was floating

Chilling in the comments

I relate so much

Elijah Outdoors

I love the real life trick shots please do more!

Me: ......


the finest shitpost on youtube

huzaifa hamid

Cody is showing show of

Defined By Me

Toronto has the ugliest people... we get it, you want to win, but cheer because he’s out? Like they are so fucked up, hope warriors win.


Poor garret.

jade the anime weeb

no offense but instead of just grounding him and taking his phone, banish him off to military school



BricklySmile7651 Fortnite

Panda is the best dancer of them all

jelly kitten

all i can say (to prevent myself from typing a whole paragrah) is that this video really helps me clear up who i am and how to change


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