GILELS Rachmaninov Prelude No 2 C# Minor DIGITAL REMASTER - YouTube

This is another great performance by Gilels. But doing a digital remaster was difficult. And this is the second release... i was not happy with the first one. I had to remove the alien green shading from the video... and get the contrast and gamma in better shape. Then the audio... removed the coughing at the end of performance. There was a lot of hiss on the audio and had to be carefully removed as best possible 1 sec or less at a time. If you look at the stage, you can see that there is only ONE mic by the piano.. So much for advanced soviet technology.The most difficult part was it that Gilels got such a dynamic range out of the Steinway (how he did i will never know)... so to master to studio width was very difficult to say the least... had to be done in 3 different frequency ranges... and with no extended octave like with a Bösendorfer... had to compensate for the Steinway... also had to add in the sound of the hammers hitting the strings on the piano... and put in ambiance for a large sized hall.. and the archaic video had to be synchronized with the remastered audio to the millisecond as best as possible... and the high frequency background stuff i figured out was the movie cameras running.that the one lonely microphone picked up..and had to remove that also..why can't life be easy... but then again i was dealing with an antique soviet era original. Giliels is as unique as Progorelich. Sorry, but Horashitz could not play this way to save his life. Hope everyone enjoys the improved version of this live performance!


I can believe and I don't want them to stop these guys are amazing


1980 doesnt work!!!!!!


Wait what happened at the end? What happens after that?! :O

João Vítor M

How many takes to get it right?

Emmett DaSilva élève


Sir Meow Meow

That moment when you feel that you're about to get murdered...3:42

Commando Skytro


tell us how to find such a secret.

Roger Raymond

Chris " They don't need KD " Broussard

Brenden Rice

I have an rc car like if you have one too

Christie Taylor





Disney : Frozen 2 Official Trailer......Parents : ah shit! here we go again

Gela V

"Go North, across the enchanted land and into the unknown."Elsa is going to meet Jon Snow beyond the Wall.


Beautiful Video Dad <3


ç__ç now i wanna play mirror's edge so baad...but it's broken and i dont find anymore of em on sale -.-

LesClaypool OnBass

Who plays games on their phones?

Daniel Lindemann

I think the most fun part was in the aquarium

Acting Anna

why do feel like this is fake

Jasper Taylor

Poor panda

By the way, I didn't know Gordon Freeman had two left arms.


Michal Bojčuk

Honey thats called a diet cuz not eating un-healthy food IT means that your body uses the remaining fat for digestion so you Will have energy. And also this is the same girl from the video where her mother didnt let her to school. And im sorry for how i write im from Slovakia and i doby spell very good.


lots of BTTF references

Reace H

My dad actually got a car for Christmas


I think the first Easter egg In Indiana jones is one of my favorites. I have never seen anything like that...


everythings destructible apart from the sandcastle lol


In the thumbnail the pe teacher looks like Donald Trump

Death Alchemist

You are all ignorant.. the "Arrow to the knee" started in the original borderlands as a description of a gun..

-Edea: Laura Post

maja & christin

Do more vids like this so good and informative

Thomas Jones

Take the god dam gloves off


Starts smoking.

Alana boo

I just finished watching the first episodes

Blanket boy

Why was this in my recommended when I was watching james charles singing gay town road

Franka ly

Wtf is this??????


Is it weird that she looks like a roblox girl bacon at last...?


9/11 2


God saved you. Be greatful for it. 🙏🙏

Saad Rihawi


Meme saz

who tried to see slie take the toy but barely missed

Jazmin Guzman

I actually fell from a tree when I was climbing and I got the biggest bruise and the doctor thought it was a not bad injury and then it kept hurting when I moved my angle it hurt even more we chose to go to the hospital and we discovered I sprained my angle but not the very bad one where you get a ancle thing!

Tiffany Hatchell


Unknown person

I just got out of a mental hospital for trying to kill myself because of bullying

Johnny R

good job bro. thanks for taking the time out

John Harrell

Please do a second one

Grace B

In the song Cory looks like Kevin Jonas in the video for year 2019

Griffin Durant

Those poor pandas..

Jadyn Shirk

Tom brady

Nanda kumara

Let’s see that gentleman’s reaction after The North win this night

the goblet

I love how utterly confused edward is during that scene


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