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bangtan_bunny kookie

Awww thats sad ur mum

Logan Granger 19 The Savage man

You suck Matthias


I can throw cards, but i have to train me in aiming.But are the cards in the Video out of paper (like mine - normal play cards) or out of steel, because the carrot..

Crackin Coronas

@FunWithGuru i love you man you need to hit 1 million subs you deserve it bro ive been watching you since 400 subs your my favorite youtuber man love you bro keep doing vids *

Smooty Boyz

Woow it's so funny hahahaha

Kiya her

Wow that was awesome really I didn't. Realize since I was a little kid: )

Raven Bonilla

Sure a lot of things happened to me in the past but I try my best to forget them I tried my best to walk away from them and I’ll try my best to scream about it so everything that had happened to me when I was younger and still resonates with me it was still resonates with me now


Saints Row ?

Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)

Panda 🐼

dumb wolf


Thomas Layadi

i have a idea how about u do bottle throwing sim

Jelly Martin

My favorite is 60 yards

Jaylin dragon

you know its not a actuall 17 year old when she says "I still have Facebook app"

Iron Mario Top Videos

You forgot the Guitar easter egg

Richard Shell

I thought that was coach k at first

Alessandra Hernandez

Thank God Duterte is so kind and helpful


he should get drafted to the Seahawks am I right

Abrar G

This just became my most favorite channel

Gavin Soliz

Dude did you know humans share 50% of there dna with bananas lol

I think that their is a possible easter egg/reference that I found yesterday: There's a PS1 game called 'N-Gen Racing' which has a particular soundtrack that is played in 'Kevin and Perry Go Large' during the first time they enter the nightclub.

Milo Rainwater

You'll shoot your eye out is from A Christmas Story or something idk whats its called.

N'abali Iddris

Its not offensive if someone says real acting

Mia’s Vlogs

Yea but isn’t there a way you can get into America properly?


Azim Deen

4:40 is that dj khaled ??? On the painting

Drift Assassin


Lord Gamer

I guess you could say it's that time of month!

Ryan Ansell

Check out my channel if you like trick shots. We are just trying to get our videos out there. Enjoy!

Jen Sanchez

You are the best YouTubeer


In the bay area if you buy a straw it would be about 450 dollars


jainaOMG the lucky est girl in the world

Don't smock everyone

Alien vsPredator

And I hope this person doesn't see their mother again

That's.... that's the literal definition of being homophobic.

Landen Ediger

Chief patriot game anyone 2019


tom should get an oscar for the ascent

Abuturab Ali

Is this matpat?

Fbv 336

Bonjour je suis français

SxV Jay

Why the hell dont u have a trillion subs? Ur vids are amazing

Bloothehedgehog ! - The secondary channel

Such chill vibes : )

Ness Loch

I... invented an entire person, events and relationships and whole personalities to my friends, consistent and thorough and no one but my mother could prove me wrong, so slowly I fed my mother false memories over a year or two that even she wouldn't question much at any mention of this other person. I switch personalities, minds and dissociate to cater to the story, even having fake messaging accounts to communicate and have entire conversations with myself. My friends are fooled, at first it was going to be "Haha just kidding lol" but I hung onto it too long, the stories got too real and too deep for any joke, no one would get such an in-depth personality for a joke, my biggest mistake was making them personal with my friends.

10k subs with under 10 vids challenge

Far from home trailer: I can get the most views in A day.

Keishlany Caraballo

You go girl

Jack Sahl

At 5:50 you can see that it's wood not money


the voice actor is soooooo good at narrating the story!. it is not flat and not overly dramatic. i love it!

King King


Ali Kwak

Oh amazing film theory can you do Kakegurui pls


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