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Guitar Tuner - Drop C#/Db (C# G# C# F# A# D#)► SONGS :Linkin Park - Lying From You : Of A Down - Lonely Day : Of A Down - Hypnotize : Of A Down - B.Y.O.B. : Shikari - Sorry You're Not A Winner : Park - Papercut : Park - One Step Closer: Park - Figure 09 : Park - By Myself : Park - No More Sorrow : Park - Numb : Park - Points Of Authority : Park - From The Inside : Park - One Step Closer : Park - Crawling : Park - Faint: Park - Somewhere I Belong : Park - In The End : Park - A Place For My Head : Sour - Fabuless :


That's why I never sent photos or anything that could ruin my future

The ok guy

@gooohiz 1.9 was supposed to be included in 1.8, but because they were running late already they released 1.8. this is why there are no npcs in villages

Colleen Mayhew


comrade ivan

Great vidoe man! I was waiting for it for some time,And there it is ^3^ Enjoyed it alot.

Arc Ray

but kappas are not taken seriously for their folklore in most friendly games like Harvest Moon. seems like its just a regular kind of easter egg to me if you just only see it there.

and she still has the nerve to complain abt her boss firing her??? goddamn yall couldve chose any story that couldve been inspiring, but no. you chose this one story abt a bitch who cant stand authority and can't admit her faults.

Mark Shiri jamieson

team coby!

Gaming Squad 123

one ike means 9999999999999 slaps on the face for the husband and mistress

Jacob Stanford


Andrea Rose

I need ivf because I have a condition and I want kids so bad but now I’m scared it’s never gonna happen 😭

Jared Humphreys

Hot Rod/Big scene and last text bit had me dying. Good stuff, Guru, good stuff.

Oskar Blayden-ryall

Yes he will

Victor Leon

I Need Some Tijuana Piranhas Merch!!! 🏀🇲🇽

elite socks



You should do an other airsoft battle royale

Kayleigh Winters

a boy asked me do i send and i said umm letters??😂😂

Hey hey hey

Blake G


Jaxon 24Orange

No offense but can you please post more overtimes


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