He called me out on Twitter so I BROKE his Mario Maker Level! - YouTube

✪ Play the level: Become a channel member for cool perks: New Mario Maker Playlist: I really wanted to have a go at editing a troll level video since obviously I'm gonna have to do it when SMM2 is out. And then I remembered this tweet I got challenging me to play a certain troll level. So yeah, good timing haha. Currently testing out a few things such as making my mic a bit better and how I format stuff. And... yeah we might have a bit of clickbait here and there lmao sorry I just wanted to do that thumbnail so bad.✮✮✮✪Music!✪✮✮✮Intro: Record: Credits!✪✮✮✮Mario artwork: Avatar: Avatar: Links!✪✮✮✮Discord: Channel: Channel:

damyanti sodha

Really perfect

Debbie Pearson

I love panda 🐼

Abuzzsquirrel 74

type 666 and then refresh the page 6 times

Impact Films

Hey Dude Perfect and viewers we also do basketball trickshots and would really appreciate a look at our channel Cheers :)

Rylie Bradley

Why is the one guy always rage monster


:P Kinky comment I made :)

Nikleo Gayowsky

Holy fucking shit

Ina Ric

It made me cry

Lu Shots



dude that is a shot

lee Chang

Gijs Kuijken

i Mean going to stop with Y.T

Beth DaKittyCat

Or Your Just Shy

Hanan Arnold

Play another game

Jelly Bean

2019 anyone

Матвей Р.

the most American video ever


what stood out the most for me was the "you think you have time" line. damn this is how procrastination is created, the brain is powerful

Mintuevideos: computer static


finally! someone who does great easter egg vids! "SUBBED"


Who tf dislike and why.

Christian Angelo Ranario

how did you found the yeti easter egg? thats hard to find man

RYthMAtiCx Gaming

omg I LOVE THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! ( ಠ_ಠ)( ಠ_ಠ)( ಠ_ಠ)( ಠ_ಠ)

Max Prowse

There team name should be Coke: Corys name in it is the Co and lukes name in it is the ke=Team Coke


I got lord of the rings before Cory did!

...then I turned the volume up. (>_ლ)



OK so I've finished the Dead Island Riptide video, but it won't be up until this Sunday because I like to upload once a week.

Maria Riekert

You just change my life you made me realize to not survive but live enjoy my life

Simon Denny

a big lol for cory

Awesome Cayce's

They should have included puppy bowl guy because I'm totally that

Just for fun?

Jervaughn Davis

They gassed this jawn way too much


Old greg from crazy ex girlfriend has a poop ton of makeup on


Man you sure know how to blend in your easter eggs real well

Frying Pan

...Hi, I'm asking from the year 2277, Watching this on my Pip-Boy. What are your thoughts on ZOMBI or Fallout 4?

Ish Alien

I i was marry i would never be friends again with the girl

james the boss

Do evry socer game ever

He drank. But never to much, it wasn't bad when he drank. It was.... I don't know how to explain it, but if I had a chance to go back and see him one more time... I wouldn't. I've had dreams where he comes back, and yeah, it's fine at first, but then I realize.... It's... Okay to be without someone. Yeah, I feel different when I think about him, or someone mentions him, but still.. I'm perfectly fine.

Egmont van Eeden

Try burning pepsi or pepsi vs liquidnitregon or burn flint or play with flint around

Rylie Pryor

It’s sad how she could have died and the doctors helped them. Then after the have to pay that much TO SAVE A LIFE. Like if they couldn’t pay it then she would die and the doctors would allow that. Like WTF

May Book

Ummmm. This didn’t save shit. If you two had divorced you STILL would have shacked up with another woman missed your wife and come crawling back JUST like you did. So you divorced your wife. You skipped all the LEGAL stuff but you pretty much divorced her for a awhile. Luckily for you, you kinda realized you’re stupidity when she was still vulnerable, hurting and willing to take you back. I say kinda realized because if you think that leaving her is what saved you your hella dumb. You realizing you were taking each other for granted and COMUNICATING is what saved you. You could have had the even better results if you hadn’t done all this convoluted crap. Now your back together but this will always haunt her somewhere in the back of her mind.

Liam Wall

Omg u guys r so cool! I watch ur videos just about every day an enjoy the time and ef

Heather Lee

Watching go this video helped me think about my life and I can kinda of relate on some levels. Right now I'm 17 and I too have thought about ending my life several times, see that things got better for her even when she thought they could never gives me hope for my future and hopefully one day I can go to a doctor and get prescription to help like she did. Thanks for making this video and sharing this story


Be poor

Abaseen Khan


Thatcher Hazel



Finally a normal video.... Or was the music easter eggs a normal video? I couldn't tell. I was confused.

arthur graf

in walking dead a friend of the governor was named heisenberg

set pop



No, the hammer means sledghammer games..m every 3 years mening AW, After that was BO3 after a SLEDGEHAMMER GAME

Avelino Siquig

The red cherry


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