How "Smart" AI (Basically) Works in Games (Goal Oriented Action Planning) - YouTube

In this video, we look at how simple AI systems work, and how we can create "smarter" AI that create and execute plans. We'll learn how to code a modified form of the GOAP AI in a future programming tutorial.This month's dev challenge theme is artificial intelligence! Head over here for more information: second channel! questions in the subreddit: me on Twitter: Facebook: sometimes Twitch: twitch.tv/happiecatResources from this video:Jeff Erickson's Algorithms Notes: Orkin's GDC Paper on F.E.A.R. and GOAP: example adapted from this repository's implementation of GOAP: tree diagram from: clips used from Youtube users: ElectroEthan, Dante XII, NintenU, World of Longplays, SaikyoMog, SeanleeuwI do not own resources used in this video. They are used under fair use.Stay happie :)

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