how to play / slash chords, D/F# A/C# B/D# E/G# etc etc - YouTube

how to play slash chords, how they are made up and how to find them for yourself, also includes 6 chords C/A etc


what is the song called

tYl3r1 0f1ci4l

That map looks just like this one map in the force unleashed ( I think it was the second one)

Anthony James Alcover

who dafuq is green man? i only know pink guy.


Am I the only one curious on what the company name actually is? Is it "The Company"?

Clash Game

Magyarul tudtok?

This Story is Absolutely Beautiful vids

Jackie boy

Viva Portugal

Zzz does stuff Canadiens

All of these are so true and I subbed and I have a YouTube channel called Zzzdoesstuffcanad

Dylan Enslow

Johnny your golden ticket on madden mobile is so good

Prince Iata

OMG OMG OMG OMG hahaha that was tight


I reckon Rockstar are going to do an Alien themed DLC to reflect on Undead Nightmares on the previous game. We all know they have a kink for aliens, I mean look at GTA for example 😂.

Zack Lassiter

Do y'all know any Lefty's

Water Lemon

but what is uranophobic fission cores? u get 5 as throwables

Theo Willis

Today she should be 5 years


Shine bright like a diamond💎 You will forever be in our hearts.. RIP little one❤️

Matt Herring

go dudes

Aadarsh Aravind

good work panda🌲🌳

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