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i do some trick shot but their my first so theregood so check em out

Philip Noyes

Whoa I can’t believe that ACTUALLY HA- clementino:a wolf is tearing out corbins throat out i say all three of us grab that think and bite its ears off


Im kinda like an introvert I read an dont realize its like 12 am and keep reading and thats what I like, but I dont like being independent


Please rejoin team coby ty he needs all the help he can for battle Vic 2

Candice Perry

Anybody can have these disorders


I love the story and the art

Sardara Singh

Like for the PUPPYYYYYyY

Ju Wo

Your story is so beautefaul

Atlantis_ _Xx

1:41 Jeff Toney 😂😂

Nuka Cat

my boy jinxed it

Brendan Heinerichs

Can you do something with the Eagles

Archana Pandey

Her voice ❤️

Funmi Adefisayo

He has an amazing voice very talented 😭😫💓

Deaddy Fazpool

0:41A Kelpie!?

Quinten Lutje Berenbroek

helo dute n

Emoji Pillow Also

Your a fighter? You fight people even though there f*cking baby’s? Your still gonna beat em up?

Peace Azulay

I would love to go with you to see Ready Player One


Doesn't expect that last 1

abdulla Fredoon

أقول كل زق يابن القحبة

jsanchez sanchez

Buena buena

Im ot going to do this

Mr. CrasyTuber

Beautiful Story

valshifter valshi

scientology is a cult stay away from it


Yellow Hitler


Jessica Raine

ah yes the open marriage is bad but being pinned and beaten can be breezed upon ok

‘Shocking’ •^•

Michael Carter

Thatwas egg-celent

Isabella Lamantia

and dude perfect should make more phone cases


So many zombies :D


I was there live. You could barely hear tony talk from over the booing

clara Bludorn

I don't like the music... but SWEET MAMA THATS COOL


I’m so sorry maybe you should get therapy and let out all your feelings?

Proflie YT

Knock of off Dude perfect

Owen O’Connell


Tyler Comeau

I was going to buy Gears Of War 3 so I could hopefully maybe talk to you, but I only have $19.90 on my account and the game is $19.99, so maybe you'll need help with another Easter Egg video instead eventually.

Jeremiah - Roblox & More!

To break the rules, kill someone in Fortnite. To break real life rules, laugh at it.

Sonja Potter

they should do v.r battle 2

unicorn squad fan club

A boy always made fun of me for my weight but he left but he is a friend if mine and i knew it was a joke but i thought it wasent to me

prod. taha

Fortnite became corny af. sad to see.. i enjoyed season 3


actually thats a total waste of food...


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