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In this video we take a look at how loops work in c# with unity!. For more information and in-depth knowledge of C# and Unity, check out The Unity C# Survival Guide, available at YOUR OWN GAMES THIS YEAR: Discord ► Subscribe#indiedev #gamedevFREE UNITY C# TUTORIALS:Want to learn to make games?Unity C# Tutorial for Beginners- C# Tutorial Intermediate - C# Tutorial Advanced Coding - a tutorial suggestion? Send it to us on GameDevHQ.com. Social Media ProfilesFacebook: unity 2018 tutorial

Raiden And Tanna’s Channel DelaRosa And Tippit

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Gamer 24

Ty and maybe cody dint change much in 2017

King Garrett The Gamer

Haas that real when they fixed the internet


This was the first ever video I watched by them!


do floriada goriga line


Dude it is that freiken game that keeps being advertised for "male gamers only"

Romen Balladarez

UNDER 301+ CLUB GET IN A CAR🚖🚙🚞🚆🚆🚈🚅🚅🚅🚄🚃🚄🚋🚝🚇🚞

I'm trying to explain how mental health is a vital issue that needs to be resolved and accommodated to immediately otherwise it will progressively become worse. My belief is that this issue will continue to rise whilst individuals continue to consume unhealthy food, at the level that is occurring currently.

Roblox kid that plays Roblox and other games m


Hello there

6:50 what that hand do?

Mist ettea

To be honest, I'm in between pudgy and a a little bit chubby, sort of and I don't think I need to lose weight. I mean, sometimes I do skip breakfast because the schools breakfast, is very sugary and it's kind of too much for me, meaning the taste I might just eat an apple or something which means I might not skip it, but I just eat a fruit instead, but all I have to say is everybody is beautiful the way they are, even if they're slim, chubby, thick, and so on. It doesn't matter on how your weight on how you look like. All that matters is what your personality and how you treat others.


"Everybody dies sooner or later" Tis the sad truth, thats why you gotta love life and enjoy it until the time is up.

haku_ bell


Munachi Debora

1 like= 1 slap for PE teacher

ass:aana pires Un. Real.


Dat feeling when I hear kingdom hearts music.

Natasha Malman

I just want to make funny comments like everyone else. :(

Martan CZE

3:17 what are the cars? Could it buy whoever?

Truly Hannah

I'm still waiting for the ace family WEDDING

_remi _skye_

The great basketball massacre of 2014. So sad tear we will look back on this day in future years and immediately be filled with suffering. Luckily, with some help by protection acts and protests, the basketball population has recovered and is at an all time high.



I disagree. Yes, life and death are both needed for life itself, but life still has meaning without death. If you play a game that has no ending, you still enjoy it because of the good moments along the way, and where there's enjoyment, there is meaning. Death is meaningless because there can be no emotions or enjoyment while dead. If you're dead, you cannot feel, or see, or smell, or hear, because you do not exist. If you don't exist you can't feel pleasure, so death, by itself, is meaningless. You don't feel enjoyment if you never play the game.


did you know that sode means secret in hebrew :D

Mamatha Laxmi

You should call it UP AND DUNKER

Eli Jordan

One of my favorite DP video of all time I LOVE DUDE PERFECT!!!!!!!🤗😂😁🙂🤗

Briana M

Everybody loves Tom



MSY Vlogging

Hines Ward was lit in the nfl


Fuck that donut looks good

James Purchase

Tyler the way you said such a perfect lie yet you moved the ball

Justin Finch

Coby should be ashamed of himself

Mum/Mom gEt oF ThE ScReEns

rumon sourav

07 july 2018

Me Me

Funny and good try

George Deejay

This game is dope as fuck dude

Pranav Ram

make office st


fake, but definetly not gay

Krunbir Shergill

You crafty son of a bitch Guru. really enjoyed this and I clocked a couple of the Khaleds, the one true living meme. Keep up the stellar work mate!

oliver davis

is it just me or does only my left ear have sound?

Fatima Ismael

NBA Youngboy x polo G🙌

Artem Lugin

Here 2018

Fortnite Weeb

As long as your 4 food groups are equally distributed meat is not as unhealthy as people who eat meat a lot

Javier Gutierrez

Did anyone realized there close were on backwards?


Збс Но было сыкотно местами

KD HeyitsKD

Grayson: buys a karaoke machine

BkB 723

You guys should interview Blake Shelton


Hey guru can you make an easter eggs about metal gear peace walker I really liked that game thank you:)

Spencer McCosby

people who think that the dudes shot is fake obviously have never seen their other videos..ricardo on the other hand...lol

Guru Kid post a new video

Matthew Acevedo

Dude Shut the fuck up with if some buddy stole it

Georgious Salad

Hey there, just wanted to say that I love you're videos and I've loved them for quite a long time.

MidLife Crisis

FWG you are my idol you are the best Easter egg hunter on you tube love ya <3


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