Melancholic Blues Ballad Backing Track in Dm - YouTube

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lenni pelaa




Vincent Manas

you eggshuly made me laugh!!!!!!

Moto TV

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Plunketts 0003

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Eduardo Iniguez

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Jorge Robles Reyes

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Droxield 321



Going back to 0:40. He wouldn't be Captain Cody. He would be, First Officer Cody. If you're a Pilot, or inspiring to be one, then you know what i'm talking about. ;) 

Carson Kidd


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The Fandom Clicks

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Aquila Queen

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Gibbs 456

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Neider CR

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LANSA flight 508

When u decode it it says:

musical ghost

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Julius Klein

are those easter eggs real? because i dont believe it is

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GamingStaRz Chaîne

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nick torres

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Dnautica Anne 민유리

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