Metallica - Devil's Dance (HD) - YouTube

Another MetallicA album on youtube! I hope you like the intro!Enjoy!

A suprise, but a pleasant one to be sure

Natalija Kljajic

1:53 (pause it)It was at this moment he knew, he screwed up...

Al Camacho


Alejandro Ramirez

Should've been Greg the Leg

Omasan Buwa

All things work together for Good for thosr that Love the Lord .'! A prayer for God to heal KD ....divine .

Yi Hang Chen

3:57 check the record...

Chameen Shah

so cool

Endre Lamark Monsen

Soccer are best

lucas kattelli

He’s your adoptive brother not step brother. If he were your step brother your dad and his mom or vice versa

Manny Cortez

You're supposed to put the balls in the toilet to finish the easter egg..slacker


Not sure if there are that many easter eggs in Batman Origins but that would make for a cool video. Just a suggestion.

Beebsy the Inkling

Jaiden: “I only serve what’s ripened in season; Quality stuff.”

Fue Her

M..my d...dad....a..n..d mom knows


Hmmmm... this kinda looks like a butt ice cream: <3     Now you can't unsee it :D


is that splicer in the thumbnail

morgan kiesel

I watch lots of these but this is the one that.made me appreciate this

Hayden Baker

nice battle.Ty is going to win

Kalseyyy __

#22 IN FRANCE !!


"I named myself after my dog. LIKE A NORMAL PERSON"


What is the song at 11:28 coz I was just wondering

Disco Stu

Pretty nice video. I like that you are starting to make long videos again.

Suis Efendi


Benton Ladd

You are amazing I just want you to also do commentary

Philip Engler

@AkXboxEinstieN the castle is on Operation Metro by the playground

Samuel Beck



Hpw abt taxi stereotypes... the chatty type? Thats annoying.


I love pandas there better than you uglys hahaha

Half-Life Scientist

I'm quite saddened by the fact that the show referenced Life is Strange

Raziq AMAZING h2

i know how it feels no dad is a perfect dad my dad left not so long after i was born so you not alone man

Miyah's Channel

Eeeeeewwwwa 😷

Tiffany Bishop

It’s 2019 and I’ve never used a V.R

goreala ghost

Second dont know

Juanito Desantiago

Mexico mexico mexico tyler

...isn't pi equal to 3.14159265359...? Google says it is. Did the AI pod make a mistake here? Or was this Kojima screwing with us?


#4 - this is same "girl in shower"easter egg that was in original shadow warrior of 1997

My friend is the same way

john trigger

wow resident evil 5 actually looked better than resident evil 6 (graphics)

 Note:  If whatever you clicked on turns out to just be spam, thank god because it could be so, SSOOOO much worse. 

darious meachem

I totally couldn't figure out the sponsor within 20 seconds of the video XD

YOU GO!!!!!

AJK The Weirdos

“Hey, you won the lottery! Want to claim your billion dollars?”

Nikhil Bhagat

Y’all remember in the PS4 spider-man game how if you take a picture of avengers tower. Peter would say that the avengers are at the west coast.

אמיר וחני שרייבמן



Wow i didnt know She came to Portugal (my country). Dang imagine her being your English teacher

Ateez is Everywhere

we're so close to 3M! Atiny fighting!

Ryan Time!

that doughnut killed me... D:

Richard van Poucke

I self have a bow i shot my brother in the nuts from 30 meters



Xavier Tassone

Leg day kevan darent


I still need to watch the entire story thingy for cod zombies. Its the one thing they did a good job at.


like si lo pensaste xD :v

“There’s an epidemic, it’s not a virus, it’s vaping” something like that

compu ter

i love the undertale shirt btw i love sans


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