MY GAME CREATION JOURNEY - The History of Blackthornprod [so far] ! - YouTube

In this video I go back in time, and talk about my journey making videos and games !You'll learn more about my struggles and how I overcame them, what steps I took to make my first game, where the name Blackthornprod came from, and how/why I started my Youtube channel ! (and lots more).----------------------------------------------------------------------SUPPORT ME via Patreon : for 2019 : our UDEMY COURSE : my GAMES : OLD BLOG : ME on TWITTER : the BTP DISCORD SERVER :

Asher and Annie are so cute together, wish the best for the both of you.

Pohaku Rabang

It says yeah



Jongmin Kwak

Anybody else notce that the basketball backboard is broken at 0:50?

Bella Miller

This was insane 🇨🇱💯🏉⚾️🏉❤️👍⏰💥🎉👌😡😡💙💙🦄🚳🇮🇹😜💯💯🇮🇹🎄✨✨🇨🇱😭🐶🍪🍪🌈⏰😀😀😅😇😫😕😏🤨😋😃😂🙂😘😛😄🤣🙃😗😝🤓😁☺️😉😉😙😜😜😜😎🤩🤩😎😎🤓🧐🧐🤨😋😛😝😝😜🤪🤨🧐🧐🤓🤓😎😎🤩

ItsAMe Spangie!

95% People who mention they have anxiety as well.

Zip Doodles

You should adopt a little girl :-(

Deplorable D

Such an embarrassment for Australia - he's so bad he'll end up on our national cricket team.

Swag Legend

We love you Cory

Rosie Robinson

Video: I would like to say that is the ending... But it is not (commercial) Me: Really?!!!!??!??!!??!, why now (notices it is 1 minute long) me: my luck honestly.

Andrew Charles

u guys should do a skiing trick video

Meet The Mika!

Ok wait, you switch between calling it panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Rockstar: shook


you should get to know alcohol

Subash Shrestha

@mvglryh yeah i agree def a top 10 btw! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while: tiny.cc\nvz23w


Ty loves to get angry...By the way who else is watching in 2019???😏

Alif Hezreel

FunWithGuru make a watch dogs easter egg episode


Waited 5 months for this .____.


They abused the DOGS!?!? :(

Colin Kelly

Who is the panda

non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

"Into the Unknown"... Over the Garden Wall?

Best clipz

If I was u I would get Junior he would help u a lot in eating

Eric desu

You seem to love making montages, will there be any ?

person: swipes left

IcyFox YT

When the falcons nearly win the Superbowl but Pats comeback

r fraz

It's funny how people make a video about being called ugly like it's such a big deal like im so used to be called ugly oof

PaoPao 469

Anyone 2018

Aakshar Garg

You missed some

Jacob Henderson

2019 anyone?

Eric Cairns

Yea that's me!!!! :D (by Reminiscence


(way overdue) Guru you forgot the arrow in the knee easter egg


8:44 Fuck yeah! Throwback! You're playing on the DS too like I did.


Seeing as you can't write a coherent sentence you should probably practice a bit also..

Secondly, u were the idiotic one to walk over there sooo....

Thierry Jean

At Wake Island, in the lake you can find a shark.

Alex Hernandez

2017 was shit for me wby?

Amir Takolia

The tall guys


Whos watching in June 2019?

Makenna Boulding

2:23 lol that’s what she said

The Unicorn

I'm allergic to pollen and I had to go to an allergy specialist. The struggle is real


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