Part 17 - Knockback: Make a game like Zelda using Unity and C# - YouTube

Today we're looking at how to knock the enemy back on attack.Enjoy!Modified Sprite: Assets: Me!Twitter:

*click* N O I C E

Yes WWIII is days away

Ella Vrzić

Do you made up those storys or they are all real?

Kanusan Kularanjan

Hey...here's my opinion to this .. it does Not matter if you of anybody else like's my opinion, because i don't care. So, when i saw your Video Prince ea i tought you are right the Most People like mehr are wasting there lives i a way, but also how can you say that that easy?

Jaden Saddler

Ty,did you know that geese try to laugh but they would quack up


3:31 I wish there was an uncharted boardgame...

193 seoul

ne ways vote ateez on idol champ !!!

Yoloyjtf R6

Bowseball shot

matthew kiviniemi

fantisy factory ftw


Wait, so there is a single player campain in this game? Hmm maybe I can try it after all

LolBekfast Hoiyaa

Yay twins


Vive la France :)

Guru, your video is very good. You always make my day.

Alright - Factions

Never mess with a panda with a knife

Garrett: that is not breathing


Half Life 3 confirmed :0

jacob adsett

buy portal 2 NO FUCK YOU haha

Lynsdon Gonsalves

cricket battle

Marquis animation


Angelina Zou

It’s not that easy. My mom thinks I’m making up things and she won’t believe me and spew constantly argue. She doesn’t believe hat I am depressed and I’m just scared to tell her because she won’t understand.


One time I had a dream about Abraham Lincoln and genuinely thought for a week that he had been talking to me through heaven like wtf

[Chris Brown & Che Ecru] 

Life of Ava

Literally no one liked KSi

Nameless 18

Lmaooo we have a piano love song in the titanic scene and then it goes to Dwight saying “insert it in my mouth” while the piano is still playing

bethany thowson

her cringeeee

Abdul Rehman

Pls do more sterotypes i love ut so much

charløtte krøb

If I ever got cancer, I wouldn’t lose my long, beautiful hair. I would probably lose my disgusting, dry, poofy, shapeless mess that is my hair



Sarah Gray


Plot Twister

Hey! Im the plot twister around here! So heres the dealyo

crystal deer

Man, poor girl got bullied for her opinions. It's like the LGBTQ+ community doesnt understand. MAN, these gays dont know what it's like to BE IGNORED AND SLANDERED

Joey De Trinidad

Hey guru I love ur videos! one question, how long does it take you to find these Easter eggs and how do you know of them?


2:34 Seems legit.

River Greystoke II


Thomson Cheng

2019? Anybody?

Benito carpio

is this not the song in there first video ever

An Da

Hay dog I love your videos you should make more videos . Podit. And nogit see you


U forgot the incredibles


The name should be little panda

Sir Fourcalot

Where's part 2?

Tyree Davis

I hope he is alright

Kawaii Starsome

I’m not scared of birth, I only want 1 kid actually. And I’m gonna be a foster mother! And guess how old I am? 11. I HAVEEE MYYY WHOLEEE LIFEE PLANNED OUT! (sorry if I sound crazy)

I was just playing a game by HASBRO


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