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Visit to find more lessons like this. Become a complete musician at MusicTrainingClub.comThe Idea of this video is to imprint the note C in people of all ages. PLEASE WRITE COMMENTS ON YOUR EXPERIENCE as I experimented a lot with children but not with adults about perfect pitch.

Tyler Curran

2018 December 9

Bello Zhang

Rudy why do u upload so much music video, I prefer the ones that are funny


I knew there would be a dark souls campfire I KNEW IT

Elspeth Edema

I love paul

Antonio M

travis pastranas house

Peci Arifovic

fack you madam

Hoop Kings

Can people go check out our trick shots on our channel?Like and subscribe?Thanks so much!

Woods man

My favorite is pirates or cubs

V0RT3X Fearz

Imagine if you set the beginning up for so long then missed the trick shot...

Austin Ellis

2019 anybody?

Will Mims

Replace those seats with spikes and lets see if they still dive into them like that. He only dove because he knew the people would break his fall. Like the poor lady in the 2nd row.

bikash chetri

I'm very excited.... To see Frozen 2

Oliver Gooch

Tys shot was shocking

Sanchita Rathi

Very good info.

Jocelyn Underwood

I think I’ll just be better off wearing a one piece! Lol

Ansh Hanji

Love the video but who is the panda

Nikrtguyutiyih Po

How did he die???

Mason Moorehead

You should film on the moon🐵🐵

maxior maxior



Connect four


I dunno why but I half expected a deer jumpscare in the last second :P

Alyssa Stork

Why is Grayson such a kid, I love it. He’s such a dad with the whole water playground thing😂


They really would of givin you the BMW?

Nareg Kis

İs this a new game or another rainbow six game ubi?

Lina Hello

school lockdown stories


This game is like what would happen if Saints Row and Uncharted had a baby

Lêâh Røblox And msp

Mum I’m pregnant


thank you for your thoughts That's heavy yelling POW

Alejandro Alfredo Sánchez Navarro



it's not true, I did not hit her, I did nooot....Oh hi mark

SpinachMaster *

My favorite was when the ball went on the hoop

Brian Yildirim

I wish I could have as much fun as these guys do every day.

Cutie Cat

I was born 3 months early...


12:10 LOL , that's "Noisy Cricket" from Men in Black, normaly Joker must fly Backwards because of the insane rebound of that thing XD

Sierra Hamilton

imagine having money

Morgan Brock

Do dead space next

Lucy Castaneda



nice easter egg at 7:51 guru

Nanna Alberte Smed U3 Lumby Skole

im very protective of people i care about. this guy sounds like the kinda person who deserves me caring about him, cuz he sounds like a really nice guy, dealing with problems he might need a friend he can talk to about. all love and care (platonically, also no i dont know how to spell that word) goes to this amazing guy! i know more about his disorder now, and its intresting to me, cuz ive been diagnosed with ADHD and a form of autism (i dont remember exactly what kinda autism i got and i never remember cuz apparently its something thats very difficult for me to remember! i got it at the tip of my tounge but i still just cant remember. its honestly kinda funny to me.).......i dont know, im probably just being a weirdo at this point, sounding like i got way too much trust, but really i pretty much dont trust at all, and that comes from personal experience! (also i dont care if people think im weird, i LIKE being weird cuz its who i am! CHEW ON THAT HATERS AND BULLIES!)

soflo freedivers

PERFECT DUDE! you play basketball right?

Twist twist

dreamqueen Elizabeth Vazquez

1 like = 1,000 punches in the d*ck


If I didn't have a battering ram for a nose and a crater face I'd be a bit more content with my self-image lol.

Noah The Dragonborn

Hey, you should get a microphone or something to do Let's Plays. I think that would be awesome. Especially on this game


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