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Your creativity and do what u love to be SUCCESSFUL.😔


To me, this makes a lot of sense and means so much

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Junie Bae

I’m too afraid to have children because I’m afraid I’ll treat them like my mom did to me. Is that normal?

A society where the stronger you are the higher you get up the rankings in politics and society you get, regardless of your ability to run and make judgments. This would have been the rule in historical times. Where the strongest if they had ambition would run society.

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William Spencer

Do the craters in Bastogne have any easter eggs? I remember the holes on that WaW beach assault gave you the ray gun, I wonder if they did it again in BO3

lzR Kiwi

i thought the title said "I created Aids" lol

georgiana dragomir

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Pot8to Lover 29

At least they cut down a dead tree


This probably won’t get a lot of traction, but Youtube’s recent explanation of their policy change cited MatPat and his channels. I know these channels aim to inform people and Matt and Steph aim to help content creators; however, the new policy is seriously hurting those same creators despite them having never broken any rules or regulations. I think people need to be informed of the change and need to know the truth behind the issue. The real truth. Not Youtube’s vague and questionable explanation. Talking through facts and giving digestible analysis is something MatPat does incredibly well. I know it’s risky, and with the adpocalypse going on it could put the monetization of the channel at stake. But YouTube is shutting down people they don’t like, even if they don’t violate policy. Somebody needs to stand up against it. Please help the YouTube community stay strong against this attack on free speech.

Adam Her



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3:15 derrière lui mdr


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