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Andries De Vries

yes in april

When it storms, when it rains

Derpy Plays

That explains how my parents haven't divorce

Landon Parkerson

Is it just me or is a whole bunch of the rams have red hair

grittee rattanarat


Klo Cliffman

who else noticed that rudy, lele and rudy posted the same video idea i find this soo awesome i didnt even know what to watch first i wish they would do more stuff like this.💞

Me: When I was 3, I thought I was the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland and if someone made me mad, I'd scream off with their head

Zach James

1:38 when you’ve been home for three hours and you see the 4G symbol at the top

Zia mckeithen

Pure magnesium is almost as soft as per, what you have is likely a magnism aluminum alloy.

Emiliano figo

Nice 👍👍👍


blac black black black black man

rouzbeh ba

bare with the consoles for now till maybe someday they announce it for PC !


i knew i wasnt the only one who immediately thought of the jamestown massacre at that ending and basically all throughout the game!

XiangQi Heng

Ty and his dad look alike

Superfast Gaming

why was there a poster of hotline miami???

Julianna Sanseverino

I feel like the only one who cant handle things on my lips

kepi games

Wow he is in his 60s or 70s and sounds young 1953 or 50s. O wait....... He's 66 and turning 67 on july

Tiggy The tiger

Classic rage monster 🤣


Burn Magnesium in pure Oxygen pls :D


Dzust Kałst tu


Where is the gym your at

lil sasuke

can it plz be soccer players like messi ronaldo zaltan

Vianna Bonilla


Aisha Alaaeldin Mahmoud Hassanein

No offense but her voice and exaggeration is annoying.


Who's the artist that drew these beautiful people

Blake Brummel

Is the guy driving panda?

So Random

please make more videos with these guys on camera


1:06 skyrim?

i knew i shouldn't have clicked it😭😭😭

November Falls

My doctor error is.....

Kennith Stroude

She should die not trying to be rude but she just sounds like a spoiled kid. Like if you get cancer is the thing that worries you is your hair, seriously. Literally I wouldn’t give a f about my hair, I would wanna live just a typical spoiled person sounds like

ben j

Repent ye :the kingdom of heaven is at hand .

Germany Guy

Lets go Canada. Lets go James H.

Life Prove it!

ZK Scrap Traders

Try trick shot with Bb bullet and air soft guns

tech royal

Ty is a legend in basketball

German Gonzalez

Like si quieres hacer lo mismo

Hope Mills

Who is panda when you showed the blered spot

Clayface The Legend

Fans: A new series?

Megan Patricia Marie Pammit

Those Nerf Bows are, AMAZING


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