Unity Tutorial: Creating a Guitar Hero-Like Music Game 1 - YouTube

Thanks for watching!

Cashy D

Intro was different



Winda Achiani

i love this movie . im from indonesia😍

Sophie Magee

use make me so happy

T_a_k_a_ 99

You forgot about all the fucking Minecraft references

Kristopher Williams

this game looks fun

Ambery Damiana

How do you do this

Nate Dawg

How many balls in the mouth did that take?🤣😂

Jop Papworth


Adision Ranger

Oh yeah yeah yeahOh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Fryd Fish

Wikihow art

Aaron Florian

No BGE2???

Joe Leonard

pot calling the kettle black and this is your coaches fault Kerr this is the management of. Team of Golden State you wanted money you wanted to push the kid now Durant is done for his life because of a bunch of morons there we did not cheer the fact that he was injured we cheer the fact that you guys are idiots okay so take that

princess ledesma

Your super cool in the world

Badul 005

Has anyone realized that Tyler’s father attached a fake beard because the color of it don’t match the eye brows or his heir

cAN a sad human being get subs?? Lmfao idek

Same when I was 1-7 I was always a chubby girl but I.Did.NOT.Care!! I just eat whatever and now I’m kinda weak but super skinny!! And all I eat is Junk food 😅

Steve George Samuel

The last Knight is dead u saved us all Tyler😄😄😄

You got it, girl, you got it (Got it)

Jeremy Burkhart

the only fighter i would root for the beat khabib is tony...real fighter

Angel delissa

I have my story I need advice



Iron Wolf4000

Von miller linebacker Texas A&M broncos

Castravete Gros

Any Death Note(anime) fans?

Ad Sims

Straight beast.

Hanna Edwards

actualy the note on the wall on number 9 says dont FLUSH yourself

alexis aldana

Can we have more of these


Bless your heart is your mom dead you will see her in the future

Happy birthday Marbles. And happy birthday month dogs!

brendan Franklin

Some of us are will to fight for the deliciousness that is Kraft Mac'N'Cheese. Nothing beats it....

รุ่ง ไกรรักษ์




i loved the endinng: i dont care... i still dont care

Harshal Kabrawala

say hi i just want your t shirt

Jenn Nguyen

I wanna know who panda is


You didn't mention the little caption under Cliff in the first egg are lyrics to an Offspring song?


A lot of things like writing telephone numbers on the wall being the very start of the story makes me think that someone didn't write this but it's instead scripted by a company


Beyond two souls easter eggs :3 please.

Suwi Mwansa


Anais Soliz

Boys these days🙄

Ms Yashica 19

USA in bolt

I said...".....I...I love you"


they're SO attractive! HOW?

Bike Race Pyro

Or hes just a overwhelming sadist

D Danko

That doge haha


I liked the mr toots one



Stan Holterman

Real Proud Dad to the rescue 😂😂

Colin King

he was just practicing how he was gonna throw it...


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