Wild Majestic Metal | Guitar Backing Track Jam in E Minor - YouTube

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April Johnston

triple achery  kill from mattox johnston

Neo Nebula

Lol cortana said where are u going master chiefs like stfu bitch xD

Glenda Garcia

I live in Puerto Rico and I wish I was your friend!


The signal received from the radio on the first easter eggs (portal2) is an SSTV transmission that can be decoded to obtain an image. i didn't do it myself but one guy did it here: http://fr.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=j77mf4&s=6#.VceF2UYddBI

Becky Wilbur

Cory you had to hit his legs hard.In joussing

Let Me Put You on


Tuấn Phạm



lil.T 5947

This is in Syracuse

محمد اشرف

Where's hans

- Rainbow six quarantine


IMHO the best easter egg is in the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel game. After end an optional quest you get a cut scene with a animation concert of Blind Guardian with a monstrous audience :D

Sonja Misiņa

How to get on pro-ana?

Gilberto Fairweather

You guys should do acting in movies

Vennie Decosto

i hate bullies

Chad Mork

did you check your pockets for your phone before you jumped in??

Anna Hovakimian

looks like their sister is officially dropped

Mariana Sanchez

poor panda😥😥😥

Kevin Daniel

Buen video Ozuna nunca cambies eres el mejor la estas rompiendo con otros artistas


i thought he was staring at her tits then i read the text

Cartoon Nerd

That statue won't be able to have kids anymore :'c

And I'm the one trip master

WHO Hahahahahahaha don't make me laugh if your leaders are gods, tell them to make a new species of living creatures

Dani Batawi

Give up gaming? hill no! 8:37

Kermit_Dat_Freg _

So is this just xenoverse except you just play as goku the entire time.

Ahmed El-Fandy



Please flip Garrett please once

Kennadi Elizabeth

How's in panda costume

Sandy Mosher

Jason Belmonte my dad bounced his bowling ball and he hit the pin

Somebody Weird

They changed the name....

Manuela Ilic

Cool not cool is my favrot. :)

Aeng Thao

Who wants to see there is trick shots


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